Surface treatment


All surfaces are treated with oil to protect the wood. The surface treatment needs to be maintained through correct care and reapplication over time, to preserve the protective capabilities. Although the wood is treated, it’s important to handle the products with care, as incorrect use will damage the product.

Overfladebehandling nature


Clear wax oil

Enhances the natural colour of the wood, highlighting the contrasting colours naturally occurring in the wood.
A warm yellow/brown colour


A stable colour that only develops slightly over time. Becoming lighter, more yellow when exposed to sunlight and darker, more brown if used/exposed to daily use.

raw nature overflade

Raw Nature

A clear wax oil with a slight white pigment.

A treatment meant to keep the natural raw colour of the wood, while protecting the surface.
A matt beige colour.


A stable colour that only develops slightly over time. Becoming lighter, more yellow when exposed to sunlight and darker, more brown, if used/exposed to daily use.

Overfladebehandling light nature

Light nature.

A clear wax oil with white pigment.

A treatment that lightens the colour of the wood and evens the natural contrasts, making the product more uniform in colour. The pigmentation enhances the grain in the wood, especially visible on plain cut wood.
A cold light beige colour.


A colour that starts more pale and beige but ages darker and more yellow over time, To ensure the original pale / beige colour requires careful maintenance and retreatment.

Overfladebehandling grey nature

Grey nature

A combination of wax oils

A colour achieved by staining the oak in a way whereby the natural variations are respected and preserved. The staining reacts differently to each individual piece of wood, creating a scale of complimenting grey.

A cold grey/light blue, with a brown undertone and enhances the grain in the wood.


A relative stable colour that turns slightly warmer and more brownish over time.

Overfladebehandling dark nature EG

Dark Nature

Clear wax oil

A dark natural black and brown colour, highlighting the distinctions in the wood to give a more diverse mixture of colour than natural.

A cold dark colour


Initially very cold black colour with a slight tint of blue. The colour ages fast turning warmer and browner, while the blue tones disappear, the colour stabilises after a few years to a dark black with a warm brown undertone.

A tree can be centuries old when it is felled.

At Malte Gormsen Møbelsnedkeri we believe that if it’s handled correctly, it should have at least that amount of time ahead of it, too. Wood is by nature a strong material but can, like any other natural material, also be fragile if it’s not treated with the care it deserves.

A founding principle at Malte Gormsen Møbelsnedkeri is that with the right treatment, wood has infinite possibilities.
To us, surface treatment isn’t simply surface treatment but a time-intensive science in itself. Oak in particular is widely used in our range due to its strong and versatile qualities, both in our furniture collection as well as in our many bespoke interior solutions, and offers a wealth of visual expressions depending on the surface treatment used.

At Malte Gormsen Møbelsnedkeri we have named these different looks Nature, Raw nature, Light Nature, Grey Nature and Dark Nature.

As many as seven layers of oil and polish are then applied, nourishing the wood and making it resistant to wear and tear.