About us

Malte Gormsen Møbelsnedkeri is a cabinetmaker that combines Danish craftsmanship traditions with the latest technology. Our client list includes restaurants, shops, hotels, and private customers worldwide. At our design studio and workshop in Copenhagen, we create custom-made interiors and furniture with an uncompromising focus on quality.

Malte Gormsen

Cabinetmaking runs through Malte Gormsen’s veins. With a creative mother and a father, who was a cabinetmaker as well as an architect, Malte Gormsen was an equally creative child. He trained as an apprentice cabinetmaker at a young age, initially in Scotland with a small family-owned cabinetmaker workshop and later with Niels Roth Andersen, where he helped make furniture pieces by distinguished designers such as Finn Juhl, Helge Vestergaard Jensen and many others.

Today Malte Gormsen Møbelsnedkeri is one of the most esteemed cabinetmakers both in the Nordic countries and internationally and has managed to unite fine cabinetmaking and joinery under one roof.

The uniting theme is uncompromising craftsmanship, a distinct aesthetic and a strong sense of professionalism, achieved through a combination of classic cabinetmaking solutions and complex technology.

Quality and craftsmanship

A high level of craftsmanship is always the most important starting point. At Malte Gormsen Møbelsnedkeri, we take our starting point in traditional carpentry techniques, whose methods and approach to working with living wood can be traced back to ancient Egypt. We combine this with modern technology for the best result for both product and people.

Workshop and Drawing office

The old boatyard in Frederiksdal north of Copenhagen was the physical starting point for Malte Gormsen’s first years as an independent furniture maker. However, with a rapidly growing clientele of private and commercial customers, the workshop quickly became too small after just a few years, but is now back in use for special projects after many years of hiatus.

The main production and design studio of the furniture workshop is located in Herlev, just outside Copenhagen. Here, all solutions and furniture are designed and created from scratch in close dialogue between customers, architects, and machine carpenters.

In our drawing office we have our own development crew with a combined skill-set of architecture, project planning and design. This is where each project takes shape, by developing complete CAD and 3D production drawings, covering the smallest details. Often we have to create tailor-made innovations and solutions to match the clients wants and needs – resulting in durable, functional and aesthetic productions of the highest quality. We handle a wide range of projects and are used to close collaborations with external architects, designers and suppliers as well as handling our own projects from scratch.


Long-lasting aesthetics

It is close to our hearts to make the world a both more beautiful and better place by contributing to a broader understanding of quality, aesthetics, and consumption.

Therefore, our furniture collection as well as our many custom cabinetmade solutions are often timeless and unpretentious in expression and form, providing joy for many years to come.

Respect for where they will live their lives is also an important theme at Malte Gormsen Møbelsnedkeri, where the existing environment is often the starting point for a project.

In this way, we can be true to the prevailing architecture and building traditions, whether they are classic or modern.

The origin of materials

As with all design, there is nothing like the joy of knowing where things come from and knowing the stories behind them.

The quality and journey of materials are of great importance to us, and we therefore strive to source locally and reuse wherever possible.

Over time, we have sourced wood from many different places, including sleepers from Copenhagen Harbour, originating from frigates used in the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801. Or trees we have obtained in collaboration with Danish and international forest and wood experts from Gribskov and forests in Germany and France, which help us gain an in-depth knowledge of the wood and its life.

Malte Gormsen started out as a cabinetmaker and woodworking is still at the heart of everything we do. However, we are devoting a lot of time to testing and developing new techniques and materials including metals, stone, glass – even plastic and ceramics. At our workshop we continuously experiment with ageing techniques to develop the precise finish your design requires.

Materialernes ophav

Surface treatment

A tree can be centuries old when it is felled. At Malte Gormsen Møbelsnedkeri, we believe that there is at least as much time on the other side if it is treated properly.

Wood is naturally strong, but like all other natural materials, it can also be vulnerable if it doesn’t get the care it deserves. A basic principle at Malte Gormsen Møbelsnedkeri is that wood, as a starting point, can always become much more with the right treatment.

For us, surface treatment is not just surface treatment but a small science and dedication in time.

Oak, in particular, is widely used in our assortment because of its strong and versatile properties, which in our furniture collection, as well as in our many custom-built inventory solutions, open up for several different visual expressions depending on the surface treatment applied.

Local anchoring

We are very focused on local roots, which is one of our core values, which comes in many forms.

An important theme at Malte Gormsen Møbelsnedkeri is to keep production close by, with the many advantages it brings.

Our ambition is to handle all processes locally in our design studio and workshop, where all projects are completed with uncompromising quality control. It is also here that we educate and train our colleagues along the way, as we are very focused on strengthening the high level of craftsmanship that is our daily driving force.

And to ensure that craftsmanship and know-how remain in Denmark for the benefit of future generations.

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