The Malte Gormsen Collection is a curated selection of furniture and objects made with uncompromising focus on craftsmanship and detail.

MG101 | Dining chair
From: 21.500 kr.
MG102 | Bar stool
From: 13.000 kr.
MG103 | Bench
From: 13.500 kr.
MG201 | Dining table
From: 37.500 kr.
MG202 | Dining table
From: 62.500 kr.
MG203 | Side table
From: 9.000 kr.
MG204 | Side table
From: 11.000 kr.
MG205 | Side table
From: 14.500 kr.
MG206 | Lounge table
From: 24.000 kr.
MG207 | Table
From: 15.000 kr.
MG209 | Plank table
From: 30.000 kr.
MG210 | Dining table
From: 125.000 kr.
MG211 | Table / Stool
From: 16.000 kr.
MG301 | Credenza
From: 52.000 kr.
MG302 | Credenza
From: 64.000 kr.
MG303 | Bedside table
From: 23.000 kr.
MG304 | Wardrobe
From: 260.000 kr.
MG401 | Mirror
From: 10.000 kr.
MG402 | Vanity Mirror
From: 25.000 kr.
MG403 | Mirror
7.500 kr.
MG404 | Vase
From: 13.000 kr.
MG406 | Side table
30.000 kr.
MG407 | Sculpture
From: 60.000 kr.
MG706 | Cushion for MG101
From: 1.200 kr.
MG901 | Valet
From: 19.000 kr.
MG904 | Lampshade
From: 9.000 kr.

Malte Gormsen cabinetmade furniture

Our designs are created in collaboration with the design studios Space Copenhagen, Norm Architects, and Malte Gormsen. Inspired by a naivist Scandinavian aesthetic rooted in Danish farming culture and centuries-old Japanese traditions of working with wood, it is a journey both back and forward in time.

At Malte Gormsen, we believe that new furniture can only be born if it remains equally relevant in expression, form, function, and quality a hundred years from now. Uncompromising quality, transparency in materials, and a love for details are our core values when it comes to furniture, each of which is a sculptural experience in itself, standing the test of time.

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